Questions and Answers
HDHQ is a personal project created by a single person with a background in software development. The goal was to be able to access a personal collection of scenes from anywhere, and a website was the obvious solution. HDHQ is built with HTML, CSS, and JS, and is hosted with Google Firebase. The website itself is served up by Google Domains. The scenes on HDHQ are hosted with a Content Delivery Network called pCloud.
The Collector is just a normal guy. He has a full time job, a beautiful lady, and plenty of responsibility. But he also has terabytes of pornography saved on an external hard drive that has been collected over many years. He wanted to be able to access that from anywhere. So The Collector decided he also wanted to make that available to others, for a price that isn't ridiculous like most of the leading content sources out there.
HDHQ is a personal project, so this is all personally funded. But here's a straight answer about costs. The web address is $12 a year, plus $10 a month for the CDN. That means that a single Lifetime subscription pays for HDHQ for an entire month. The goal was never to make a profit, but if marketed well and carefully, there is opportunity to earn a bit of extra cash.
All over the internet. Many scenes were downloaded directly from their official hosts through the use of a paid subscription. Others were found on free sites. Some were 'ripped' from their sources due to The Collector's knowledge of web development. And many were torrented from various locations. Each scene's thumbnail was screenshotted directly from the video by The Collector.
Each scene is categorized by The Collector personally, so there is going to be some variance on what qualifies for a category. These are subjective, though the audience is kept in mind so as not to disappoint viewers who are browsing the categories. A scene can of course have multiple categories.

Solo: A scene that has a significant portion of it which focuses on a single model masturbating.

Lesbian: A scene that has a significant portion of it which focuses on two or more models having sex, oral or otherwise.

Couple: A scene that has a significant portion of it which focuses on a male and a female having sex, oral or otherwise.

Group: A scene that has a significant portion of it which focuses on at least three people having sex, oral or otherwise.

Sesual: A scene that has a more intimate touch and focuses more on 'love-making' than 'fucking'. These can be Couple, Lesbian, or Group scenes.

Anal: A scene that has a significant portion of it which focuses on anal sex. If it is a Lesbian scene, ass-licking usually qualifies. If it is a Couple scene, penetration is usually required unless there is a heavy focus on ass-licking.

Choice: The most subjective of all the categories. These are not audience-rated, but rather The Collector's personal favorites.
All browsers should allow you to access HDHQ and its content, though Google Chrome is the officially supported web browser and works the best.
You probably are in a Private Window, and aren't using Google Chrome. Browsers other than Chrome have certain features disabled when browsing privately, and session persistence across tabs is one of those features. For the best experience on HDHQ, use Google Chrome - whether you're Incognito or not.
Yes. All payments are made through PayPal and are entirely secure. No payment options are recurring either, so you don't have to worry about an accidental charge a month after accessing HDHQ.
HDHQ supports and enourages its users to view and download each and every scene on the site. To download a scene, Right-Click and Save-As to a location on your device. If you're on mobile, an icon should exist for you to download from. Otherwise, Long-Press on the video in order to download to a location on your device. All scenes are .mp4 files.
If a scene fails to play, it is likely due to the large file size of the high quality video combined with a sub-par internet connection. Unfortunately, HDHQ does not support video transcoding, so all scenes are only viewable in their original sizes.

If, however, you receive a '404: File not found' error, then there is an issue with the Scene's source or link. If you encounter this, please feel free to email HDHQnet@gmail.com to report the Scene. This contact email is a monitored inbox and can be found in the footer of every page on HDHQ. Contacting HDHQ directly is the quickest and easiest way to resolve this error. HDHQ will never spam your inbox, though you may receive direct replies to your messages.
Unfortunately, no. Video transcoding is a process that either requires a lot money in order to pay for a service that can support the feature, or a lot of storage space in order to convert the videos into multiple qualities, which also results in a lot of money. This is a personal project, so only the original file size is available to view or download.
Scenes have been downloaded from multiple sources in multiple formats, but all scenes have been converted into .mp4 files in order to be served up on HDHQ. The reason is that .mp4 is the most widely supported file type across browsers and platforms, so most users should be able to view these scenes no matter what their viewing device is.
Every page of HDHQ has a footer which includes a direct email address to The Collector. This will open your defaulted email client in order to send messages to the creator of the site. HDHQ will never spam your inbox, but you may receive direct replies to your messages.
The short answer? Yes. This site is the little guy, hanging out in a big world of corporations with a lot of money. That's why HDHQ is not advertised ANYWHERE on the internet. HDHQ is only supported by word of mouth. There is no want for a lawsuit, there is no money to afford a lawsuit, and if threatened by a legitimate source, HDHQ will shut down immediately. This is the only site where you will read the phrase "Don't spread word." There is no desire for money for this effort, just a want to provide a small service to those lucky enough to find it. Keep it to yourselves!
The following is a list of priorities in order to enhance HDHQ over time.
  • Finish adding currently collected models and scenes
    • Once above is complete, continue to find new models and scenes for addition
  • Improve overall load times
    • Dynamically load scenes as the viewport scrolls to improve load times
    • With current Scenes functionality, replace defined Width and Height with a responsive CSS class
  • Redirect the user to their previous page after logging in via Models or Scenes
  • Allow for multiple filters to be selected at once on the Scenes page
  • Create a search function
  • Create a form-driven Contact page to avoid opening personal email clients
  • Create a Featured Model page which rotates at a set interval
    • Have the featured model on the homepage with a link to the Featured Model page
HDHQ Mission

HDHQ is a personal project committed to bringing quality adult content to classy individuals for a fair price.

Contact HDHQ

Email: HDHQnet@gmail.com